La Cenerentola

The classic Cinderella story, with a human touch. Without a fairy godmother or pumpkin coach, our heroine has to depend entirely on true love and the kindness of others to make her dreams come true – the exact opposite of what she gets at home.

In Rossini’s captivating retelling of the tale, the next generation of opera stars perform on stage right at the beginning of their professional careers, as part of our summer season.

Performances at 7pm on 3, 5 and 7 September.
A shorter performance from our cover cast at 1pm on 6 September. 

With Southbank Sinfonia.

Conducted by Peter Robinson.

Directed by Stuart Barker.


Cast, crew and creatives:

Holly Brown Clorinda
Natalie Davies Tisbe
Siân Griffiths Angelina
Liam Bonthrone Don Ramiro
Jerome Knox Dandini
Adam Maxey Don Magnifico
Thomas Mole Alidoro
Joseph Chalmers Chorus
George Reynolds Chorus
Matthew Salter Chorus
Theo Perry Chorus
Ben Knight Chorus
Tormey Woods Chorus
John Holland-Avery Chorus
Joseph Hookway Chorus
William Rennie Chorus
Matthew Secombe Chorus
Samuel Kibble Chorus
Susannah Hardwick Clorinda cover
Anna Cooper Tisbe cover
Lauren Young Angelina cover
Laurie Slavin
Don Ramiro cover
Ben Knight Dandini cover
Daniel Rudge
Don Magnifico cover
John Holland-Avery Alidoro cover
Chloe Rooke
Assistant Conductor
Laura Heikkila Repetiteur
Mairi Grewar Repetiteur
Louisa Lam Repetiteur
Charlotte McKechnie
First Assistant Director
Eleanor Burke
Second Assistant Director
Raphae Memon
Assistant Designer
Pete Butler
Assistant Designer
Rosie Burgering
Production Assistant
Gabriel Finn
Assistant Lighting Designer
Julia Quante
Assistant Designer
Georgia Thomas
Costume Assistant
Nikita Lund
Costume Assistant
Ryan Jacques Stage Manager
Kanoko Tobe
Deputy Stage Manager
Jason Mai ASM Book cover
Jaimie Wakefield ASM Props
Chloe Thomas Costume Maker
Lucy Waterhouse
Movement Assistant
Abigail Harris Wigs & Make Up Supervisor
Shadeh Mehrinfar Wigs & Make Up Technician
Jessica Hart Wigs & Make Up Technician
Peter Robinson Conductor
Stuart Barker Director
Bek Palmer Designer
Caitlin Fretwell-Walsh
Movement Director
John Bishop
Lighting Designer
Laura Pearse
Coustume Supervisor
Della Jones Vocal Coach
Chamia Choudhury
Head of Hair and Make Up
James Anderton
Production Manager
Michael Wardell
Company Manager
John Nicoll
Senior Stage Manager
Julian Johnson
Senior Stage Manager
Jocelyn Bundy
Senior Stage Manager
Paul Salmon Head of Lighting
Michael Bolton
Production Electrician
Rob Oatley Head of Stage
Tom Baum
Production Carpenter
Chris Tindall
Production Carpenter