Stage Management



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British Youth Opera is the UK's foremost training opera company, and the only one of its kind offering such opportunities to emerging stage managers.

BYO’s summer season productions offer 8 positions in the stage management team: four on each production. Applicants should be at the start of their careers, and have practical stage management experience, possibly being engaged on or having recently completed a stage management course. Good score reading skills are an advantage.

The stage management team work with a professional Senior Stage Manager throughout the process of our summer season productions.

Responsibilities of the Stage Manager (SM) include:

  • running rehearsals in the rehearsal room and making sure each day that the rehearsal room is set up for the company
  • supervising and working with the ASM in the sourcing and finding of props within the budget set by the Production Manager
  • working closely with the Designer and other members of the creative team
  • liaising with the Company Manager and informing them of any changes in the schedule
  • working with the Assistant Director and make sure all cover rehearsals are set up and organised
  • once on stage to run under the guidance of the Senior Stage Manager all stage and piano rehearsals and stage and orchestra rehearsals, making sure that all rehearsals begin on time and that breaks are run to time in the theatre
  • running the production during performances
  • for the cover showing, to exchange responsibilities with other members of the stage management team.


Responsibilities of the Deputy Stage Manager (DSM) include:

  • working closely with all members of the stage management team, being on the book in rehearsals and working closely with the Assistant Director
  • sending out detailed rehearsal reports each evening to all the creative and management teams
  • keeping up to date running lists for the ASMs and information for the costume department
  • running rehearsals when the Stage Manager is absent
  • working closely with the Lighting Designer once the production is on stage
  • acting as the SM or ASM for the cover performance.


Responsibilities of the Assistant Stage Manager (Props) (ASM) include:

  • working closely with the Stage Manager and Deputy Stage Manager
  • working with the Designer in the sourcing and finding of props for the production and working within the budget given by the Production Manager
  • keeping the rehearsal room tidy and checking the tea and coffee facilities
  • during performances, running either stage left or stage right; making sure that all props are in the correct position and on strikes putting all props etc. away safely and tidily.


Responsibilities of the Assistant Stage Manager (Book Cover) (ASM) include:

  • working closely with the Stage Manager and other members of the stage management team
  • as ASM on the Book in rehearsals, keeping a separate book which details all the cover moves
  • working closely with the Assistant Director running cover rehearsals, on stage, running the cover showing from the corner
  • during stage rehearsals and performances running a wing and working with the other members of the stage management team
  • acting as DSM for the cover performance.

This position will involve working in the evenings after main rehearsals.



Interviews will be held in London in the Spring. Applicants may wish to bring paperwork from previous productions, which demonstrate their skills.



Financial matters

BYO charges no fees. Every participant who gains a place on a summer season production benefits from a fully-funded placement, and is paid a small subsistence.

Accommodation in London can be provided for a limited number of successful applicants who do not have a London base and would otherwise be unable to participate.