Stage Management


– please note the application deadline has been extended to 5 April. 


British Youth Opera is the UK's foremost training opera company, and the only one of its kind offering such opportunities to emerging Stage Management.

BYO’s summer season productions offer 8 positions in the stage management team: four on each production. Applicants should be at the start of their careers, and have practical stage management experience, possibly being engaged on or having recently completed a stage management course. No previous opera experience is necessary, though good score reading skills are an advantage.

The stage management team work with a professional Senior Stage Manager throughout the process of our summer season productions.


Responsibilities of the Stage Manager (SM) include:

  • Running the rehearsal room
  • Ensuring that the rehearsal room is set up for the start of rehearsals each day
  • Working as a team with the ASMs to ensure that props are sourced within budgets laid down by the Production Manager.
  • Work closely with the Director, Designer and Production Manager to achieve the creative aims of the production
  • Create a clear and accurate technical plot by the end of Studio Rehearsals
  • Manage props budges, receipts and petty cash
  • Liaise with the Company Manager on a regular basis regarding schedule changes
  • Work with the Assistant Directors to manage Cover Rehearsals.
  • Under the guidance of the Senior Stage Manager, run technical rehearsals on stage
  • Ensure that stage rehearsals run on time and breaks are taken as appropriate.
  • Maintain the quality of the production during the run
  • Run the stage for performances
  • For the cover showing, exchange responsibilities with other members of the stage management team


Responsibilities of the Deputy Stage Manager (DSM) include:

  • Creating ‘the book’ and being on the book during rehearsals.
  • Working closely with the Assistant Directors to ensure that the show is correctly documented.
  • Work with the ASMs to create running and setting lists.
  • Creating cue sheets as necessary for Flys, Pyrotechnics etc.
  • Creating plots as necessary for Costume, Stage crew etc.
  • Creating plots as necessary for smoking, flames, weapons etc.
  • Sending out detailed rehearsal reports each evening
  • Taking charge of the room when the Stage Manager is absent.
  • Work closely with Lighting Designer
  • Call the production during rehearsals and performances
  • Take on the role of SM or ASM for the cover performance.


Responsibilities of the Assistant Stage Manager (Props) (ASM) include:

  • working closely with the Designer in the sourcing and finding of props for the production
  • working within the budget given by the Stage or Production Manager
  • keeping the rehearsal room tidy
  • Manage and maintain props in rehearsal and on stage
  • Writing a clear and accurate props plot and setting list
  • Be available during rehearsals to devise and learn a wing running plot.
  • During performances run a wing and ensure all props are correctly set
  • Ensure props are safely and securely stored during turnarounds


Responsibilities of the Assistant Stage Manager (Book Cover) (ASMBk) include:

For the main production:

  • Deputise ‘on the book’ in the absence of the DSM
  • Work with the DSM to create setting and running lists for the performances
  • Work with ASM Props to set and check props
  • Communicate prop requests from rehearsal to ASM Props.
  • Undertake cues during performance

For the cover performance:

  • Take on the role of DSM
  • Liaise with the main DSM to ensure the cover performance will function
  • Work closely with the Assistant Director to rehearse the reduced production
  • Create a separate book during cover rehearsals.
  • Write/adapt running and setting lists.
  • Work with the Assistant Lighting Designer for the cover performance

This position will involve working in the evenings after main rehearsals.


For Summer Season 2019

  • To Apply please complete the production trainee application form and return it with a CV and covering letter to by the new deadline of 12:00 on Friday 5 April 2019.
  • Rehearsals commence in London on Monday 15 July 2019.  Stage Management are required until the end of returns on 9 September 2019.
  • Interviews will be held in London during April 2019. Skype interviews may be possible.
  • Applicants called to interview may wish to bring paperwork from previous productions which demonstrate their skills.


Financial matters

BYO charges no fees. Every participant who gains a place on a summer season production benefits from a fully-funded placement, and is paid a small subsistence.

Accommodation in London can be provided for a limited number of successful applicants who do not have a London base and would otherwise be unable to participate.