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What we do : Summer Seasons

Starting in July, BYO's Summer Season recreates the production process of a major professional opera company, leading to a week of performances at the Peacock Theatre, London, in September.

BYO brings together professional artistic staff with a wealth of experience – and a particular gift for nurturing and developing emerging talent – to lead teams of trainee directors, conductors, repetiteurs, designers, stage and wardrobe staff in mounting the productions.

Singers receive music, vocal, dialogue, language, movement and fight coaching during the rehearsal period, and principals and understudies also take part in a unique 'Link' session with a distinguished singer who has performed their role in major opera houses.

Trainee directors and conductors take rehearsals with the understudy casts, trainee repetiteurs accompany all music and production rehearsals, and stage management trainees are given opportunities to attend talks and visits to theatres and opera houses.

Once in the theatre, a full series of rehearsals takes place on stage, first with piano, then with orchestra, before open dress rehearsals and a week of performances (including shortened and adapted versions of the productions given by the understudies, led by the trainee directors and conductors).

Towards the end of the rehearsal process and for all the performances, the company works in association with Southbank Sinfonia, an orchestra with aims similar and complementary to BYO's. The players benefit from the opportunity to work in a traditional operatic setting, and the singers benefit from the support of an orchestra of young professionals.

In addition to being the cornerstone of BYO's training programme, Summer Season productions are also highly regarded by music critics, casting directors and agents, as valuable opportunities to view the very best young operatic talent.