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Open Your Home To Opera

Date Posted: 20 June 2017

We are at that exciting stage where we have selected everyone who will participate in British Youth Opera’s 2017 Summer Season.  There are, of course, all of the singers but there are also repetiteurs and assistant conductors; assistant directors and designers; trainees in every technical aspect of production including production management, wardrobe, lighting, stage management, prop making – every discipline required to make the finished productions that we all look forward to with such anticipation.
Many of these young people come from outside London and some of them struggle to find accommodation. This is where you can help.
In return for some lively conversation and the opportunity to get the inside track on the production process, could you host a young participant for a few weeks this summer? 
It is a wonderful way of supporting BYO. From the company’s point of view, it means that we can genuinely be offering places to those who deserve them rather than simply those who can afford to come to London to take advantage of the opportunities.
From your point of view, it is a chance to really make a difference to a young student’s progress into the profession. We know from experience that many people develop strong relationships with their guests – relationships that flourish as the young person makes their way into the exciting world of professional opera. We’ll also invite you to attend rehearsals and you will be offered complimentary tickets to see your guest in action.
Here are a few of the questions that are often raised:
What dates is accommodation needed for?
Rehearsals and starting dates are staggered between 17 July and 7 August. The last night of the season is 9 September.
Would you expect me to provide accommodation for this entire period?
Not at all. Not every performer or trainee is required for the entire period so we can mix and match availability and need.
I have a couple of weeks in the middle of the summer when I could help. Is that of any use?
Certainly! Sometimes a participant just needs a room for a week or two while other, longer-term accommodation is being sorted out. This sort of stopgap can be invaluable.
I’d like to help but I can’t commit at the moment. 
That’s fine. If we have your name and contact details, we can contact you when needs arise to see if they coincide with your own circumstances. Or you can let us know when things become clear for you. We can be very flexible.
What is my commitment to my guest? Am I expected to feed them?
The only commitment we ask is that you provide a bed for your guest. Some hosts come to their own arrangements with their guests regarding meals but this is entirely up to the individuals concerned.
What happens if it doesn’t work out?
No problem! We realise that not everyone will hit it off and if either party feels uncomfortable we can make alternative arrangements at 24 hours notice. But we can honestly say that negative experiences are very, very rare.

If you would like to help with this aspect of our work or to discuss it further, please contact Csenge on 020 7815 6093 or